PSA: Don't update your Ryzen Mainboards to AGESA yet

As some of you Ryzen owners may have noticed. A number of mainboard vendors are currently rolling out a BIOS update which includes AGESA

This update is an extensive rewrite of the Agesa submodule for incorporating future CPU SKU’s. And fixing a number of GPU, S3 and Memory issues.

And as part of this unfortunately, it should be treated as a BETA Bios.

This BIOS is not fully tested either. The fact that certain Vendors BIOS update pages warn you to first update to a specific prior BIOS version should be cause for alarm to you.

It depends on part of the fTPM code from a previous BIOS version to be in place.
Aside from the many included many changes and improvements, it also introduces new bugs. If your PC is currently stable and running fine as you wish it to.


I say again DO NOT UPDATE.

Wait for 1 to 2 new releases until you update.


Once this is stable, what’s the benefit/features? Is it a must-flash kind of update?

Rumour has it disables amds psp.

Possible source of the sudden wave of mysterious issues for some asrock mbs. Seems logical but beta should always be avoided unless it fixes something very specific.

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I dunno what’s up with this, but ever since I upgraded to 3.30 (the one listed as a precondition) and then 4.20 (on ab350 pro4), I’ve now twice had the GPU (vega56) disappear from windows while the fan went to 100%, only to reappear on shutdown + restart. Both times very shortly after starting HWInfo64, never otherwise. Also, the onboard NIC died 3 days after upgrading, no idea if related. Went back to 3.30, but that didn’t prevent the vega from disappearting the 2nd time. Not yet gone back to 3.20 yet. NIC is still visible, but the activity led on the back is dead, and it doesn’t do anything any more, even in the bios.

Still running the first Aegis update that addressed my ram issue. Not always a good idea to run the latest bios. General rule of thumb is the bios that sorts your issues mb wise and stop. I have had no issues with my Taichi so I have failed to track things as closely as I should.

Patience saves the day!
Hope they fix the major bugs quickly.

Shugs ? My Taichi is not having any issues everything works as it should. Might change once Navi releases.

Why? It’s pretty common for enterprise hardware, vendors often have these supported/recommended upgrade chains/paths, I know it’s a bit unusual for consumer hardware, but calling it alarming is an overreaction.

I would say that is rma. I would normally say driver issues but the nic not working is not good. Not all hardware monitoring software always compatible with the lastest and greatest sometimes.

Anyhow, I’m not here to discuss the subtleties of the English language. So take it as you will.

The codeblock in the Firmware performing the update flash has changed in crucial ways between these versions.

These changes are not insignificant. It can not be guaranteed that it wont set your house on fire. Yet none of the Vendors seem to be treating this firmware update release with the care and attention it requires.

(Seems that the vega disappearance issue is due to an issue with gpu i2c (vrm) monitoring, and unrelated: )


This one should have working pstates, and I would like to be brave but no Taichi :neutral_face:

Also, HWiNFO64 just got update

Fixed reporting of temperatures on AMD Vega since Crimson 17.11.2 driver.
GPU I2C support is now automatically disabled on AMD Vega series to prevent a possible system crash.
Automatic disabling of GPU I2C support can be circumvented using a new GPU I2C Support Force option.

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I’m still interested/impressed in how the driver team managed to break something as standard as i2c.

excellent job…

Quite. Though I’m mostly just reassured to know that it’s unrelated to the bios update, or presaging a board issue.

As for RMA-ing: I guess I should, but losing access to my PC for the duration isn’t appealing.

I’m almost certain that this option doesn’t do what everyone thinks it does.

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i2c allows for basically everything. And without an oscilloscope and Vega in hand, this is a black box.

When i got my new box last month i updated to latest bios which was September, count me as one of those that probably wont update unless i have too. It works and its not intel so as long as i dont get zen+ or zen2 i shouls be fine.

I updated my Prime X370 Pro to 3203 and subsequently 3401 and have had no major issues beyond the 3203 BIOS breaking compatibility with a cheapo wifi card (which I returned). Granted it took some troubleshooting to figure that one out, but otherwise system itself is fine.

The bigger issue I had was not being able to roll back to 1201.

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