ps4 midnight launch

I couldn't preorder the ps4 and I dot want to wait for a month so I'm going to try get a midnight launch version, does anyone have experience with this sort of thing, how in advance should I come to where ever I get it if there are even stores doing that here in Chattanooga. Should I even bother trying or will I go home empty handed and quite tired.

a full day early, bring a chair and since it's the colder time of year some blankets.

Do you which stores will be doing a midnight launch, like will Kmart or some other place where ypubwohksnr expect to go to get a ps4  to have a launch and Chattanooga isn't the biggest city so do you think there will be a big line.

I found a link that has some retailers that plan to sell systems at launch. "Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart plan to sell the PS4 on November 15th to users who didn’t pre-order." Gamestop and Best Buy will have midnight launches and some 24hr Walmart and Target locations will have some to sell. Like anarekist said, about a day early and with blankets.