ps4 *may* support ps1/2 emulation in native 1080p

And pc has had this for how long?

Really now.

thank god i still have my launch day PS3.  I'm surprised Sony isn't monopolizing on backwards compatability.  Sony would have more sales if they did so.  Reason why i gave up my PS1/PS2 when i got the PS3.

Are you one of those people that still have a PS3 with a chip for PS2 emulation?


My launch day ps3 broke on me but that does play ps1 and ps2 games just fine.

well PC is capable of playing playstation games its not meant to. and besides emulation takes a lot of power. Ps2 emulation wont work unless you have a mid range gpu or higher like a GTX 650, 750/Ti or 660 or An R9 270/X and GTX760. those are 150 to 250 dollar GPUs and a good CPU if you are capable of playing old playstation games on lets say a used PS3 that you could probably grab for 150 you really cant beat that and im sure some people have a PS3 catching dust and fsomewhere they are willing to sell for a reasonable price. and for the comment "PC has had it for how long" No it didnt. cause emulation takes years to come about and get working on PC. it took the lifespan on the PS2 and about 2years more before it was finally playable with no issues on PC.

Are you sure about those specs? My laptop with a Nvidia 425m and a i7 740q emulates PS2 games just fine in 768p

I meant that for good enough 1080p or higher ps2 emulation.

currently on a laptop with linux on it and pcsx2, just got out of Katamari Damacy at double 1080p shrunk to a 1366*768 native full screen (works much better than hardware aa esp when using opengl instead of directx)

Specs are an amd e2-1800, dual-core 1.8ghz, 6gb 1600 ram, 120gb ssd, integrated graphics.

several years ago you may have needed a semi-powerful rig to run ps2 games, but realize what you are emulating here. A 294-Mhz, single-core processor, and a 4mb graphics synthesizer with 32mb of shared rdram and 16 pixel pipelines. You don't need that much at all.

they are, its their game streaming service
no way to permanently buy a game and the rental is about what you would pay to ebay the game

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Come on, man. Look at the dates.