PS2 port stops working after computer sleeps

I just bought myself a mechanical keyboard, and hooked it up to the PS2 port. It seemed to work fine for a while, but every time my computer sleeps the keyboard stops working. A reboot of the computer fixes the issue, but then the issue just reoccurs again.

Has anyone had this issue before? It is happening with multiple keyboards that I have tested now, so I am pretty sure it is the port, not 3 different keyboards. Everywhere I read online says that it is the keyboard that is causing the issue, but that doesn't seem like the case here.

If I use the keyboard as a USB keyboard it works fine, but I would like to use the PS2 port if possible.

Thanks for any advice.

Try to look in your motherboard manufacturers website for things like drivers. PS2 dossent usually require drivers, but some other patch may be included with the driver updates.

I finally fixed the issue. If anyone from the future find this, I went to device manager, and uninstalled the PS2 driver under keyboards. Then restarted my computer. Windows re-installed the driver, and it seems to work now.