PS2 Emulator/Roms?

Is there a clean site where I can find rom's? I'll mostly be playing budokai tenkaichi 3, which i own a copy of

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or if you own a copy and have a dvd drive, you can read the game disk that way.


the emulator you want is called psx2

you need a bios for it

they are hard to get.

maybe if you pm the right person...

The emulator I use is called PCSX2 (is this the one you're talking about, ztrain?). It seems to work better than epsxe (a PS1 emulator). Check the compatibility for your game(s); their wiki is pretty good, they give you a list of all the settings you need to change for each individual game (if they have the game listed). I've only played FFX and Shadow of the Colossus on it, but they both work great and I don't think they've ever crashed. As for ROMs (ISOs), if you're talking legally, you need to own the game (and the disc will work just fine, but an ISO will be faster), but you can legally have a digital copy if you own the game, and the emulator itself is legal. TPB is a good place for ROMs (among other things), and the BIOS file will be a pain, unless you know your stuff. One thing that's pretty neat with PCSX2 is you can actually get into the PS2 main menu, and it also has a "fast boot" that skips the standard PlayStation 2 splash that you see when starting the game.

please don't ask where to get roms on Tek Syndicate, we can however answer any qeustions on emulators

I myself know quite a bit about the more popular ones