Proxy avoidance

sup guys

i need a proxy avoider that my school has not heard of

help me please

The only one your school wouldn't have heard of is one you make yourself.

If you have $5 - $10 a month, get yourself a VPS from and install TinyProxy listening on port 443 or 8080 or something and set it to SSL traffic. That might get past but if they block your IP address, you're screwed.

You could always try make friends with the TA's who work with the network guys. A case of beers can go a long way.

thanks will try dat

oh kids these days and their porn.


I know TOR works over the Australian DET proxy. Try that. You will have to find the proxy settings for your particular proxy (URL, port, authentication information).

The government issued us laptops in year 9 and I've managed to install Windows 8 on it and use TOR but now I don't need it as I go to TAFE (Technical and Further Education (Trade school)) for one subject (electro technology) so I was issued another account with more privileges to use at TAFE.

Buy a vps and install a vpn on it.

I would recommend openvpn connect. Easy to setup and "hard" to block.

Else squid is a great proxy software


Try this.