Proxmox SR-IOV now that RADEON MI25 are cheap as chips

The RADEON MI25 is basically a 16GB VEGA 64 with no video outputs that can handle SR-IOV and it’s cheaper than a VEGA. I see one on ebay for £150.

Perhaps I should pop it in my Proxmox machine and shared it with Windows VMs using SR-IOV? I see that Microsoft Azure say this;

NVv4-series VM sizes optimized and designed for VDI and remote visualization. With partitioned GPUs, NVv4 offers the right size for workloads requiring smaller GPU resources. These VMs are backed by the AMD Radeon Instinct MI25 GPU. NVv4 VMs currently support only Windows guest operating system.

Azure using MI25 in a Windows VM for gaming.

Anyone tried this? Any suggestions?