Proxmox Server Spec

My Spec is:
Samsung ECC 128GB(32x4)
MiddleTower Case
GTX 770
marvell 88se9215 4P sata
BCM5719 4P Gigabit LAN

In my country, X570D4U is unavailable, only X470D4U. I’m considering between
ASUS ProArt X570-CREATOR WIFI 762$ (Quite Expensive… maybe can’t afford)
Seasonic NEW FOCUS GX-1000 GOLD Full Modular ATX 3.0 (But thinking for downgrade) 170$
I’ll run Proxmox server, running docker, Nginx, Plex, etc on Ubuntu CT, OMV, windows on QEMU.
For GPU, I’ll Passthrough it so that I can use parsec for control. And I need IOMMU separate because I have to passthrough each lan ports.

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congrats and welcome helgisnw.

This is a better board really. Is there a feature you require X570 for or it just ‘newer is better’?

Thank you:)

Newer is better I think

But if its not that different, i can consider it too. Tell me

The only real difference is official PCIE gen 4. But the x570 takes several times more power too.

Welcome to the forum!

Just a personal tip to run OMV on top of Proxmox directly, if you can, not in a container (my $0.02). Access straight to the hardware makes for easier management.

Have you considered Asrock boards? I’m more satisfied with Asrock than Asus. Wendell also seems to be a bit biased towards Asrock (could be preference, or could be quality, but personally I’d go with Asrock, MSI and Gigabyte, in that order, followed by Asus).

I’d definitely downgrade. You’d be wasting a lot of power if the only thing you’d run is a GTX770 (assuming as a display and that’s about it). I think a 500W should be enough for that build, unless you plan to upgrade to a more powerful GPU for passthrough later on, in which case a 600 or at most 750W PSU should suffice (unless you plan on going something bonkers like a RTX 3090).