Proxmox (Quick Question)

I have 2x 10TB 1x 12TB drives. I want to know if Proxmox will allow me to setup a raidz-1 with just one drive —> then move over a ‘drive-full’ of data --> then add a drive to the pool and repeat until all drives are in the pool.

I have 20TB of data with no redundancy and 32TB of drive space.

You cannot expand a RAIDZ vdev.

You must add a new vdev when expanding ZFS. The inflexibility is a trade-off for stability and performance.


What Sgt said. Though I would say mirrors aren’t a bad way to go either. Once a vdev is in a pool, that’s it, you can’t get rid of it. You expand the pool with larger drives or another vdev. If you lose a vdev, you lose the pool.


Thanks, answered my question.

Unraid it is then, for now. Unless there’s any way to introduce that sort of flexibility in Proxmox

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I think Unraid might fit you better. It’s a fairly robust solution.

I use unraid and back up to a zfs box… Unraid is in a decent spot.

@Adubs That’s exactly what I’ll do. @SgtAwesomesauce Merry Christmas to the both of ye

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