Proxmox or XCP-NG for a Homeserver


I’ve been running Ubuntu Server for a year with most of my services inside of Docker and since I am upgrading to an SSD anyway I’d like to try out a new host OS.

I’m trying to decide between Proxmox and XCP-NG so I can run VMs and set up better Isolation for public services.

Server specs:
Quad Core Xeon E31225 @ 3.10GHz
2 2TB HDDs in a ZFS Mirror
2 1TB HDDs which I’d like to convert to a Mirror pool

Does someone have experience with both of these os’s and can give a recommendation? Or is virtualization with my CPU even feasable?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks!

As much as I like XCP-ng overall, I found it has problems disconnecting network storage records (so like an NFS share) if they are no longer available. I couldn’t get rid of them without rebooting the host which was a pain. I’ve been using Proxmox for a few months now and it seems to work pretty well, haven’t had any issues so far other than having to reboot to apply networking changes (this one is on me, not Proxmox’s fault).

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thanks for the reply. realistically I won’t be disconnecting network storage that often since that server would also be my storage server :smiley:

is there anything you don’t like about proxmox? It seems like the simpler option of the two to setup and manage.

It mainly because I was trying a few different setups for various things backups, isos, etc. Also NFSv4 mounts are kind of broken last I knew so you’re forced to go with NFSv3.

No built in incremental backups, can’t list all VMs/Containers in a single list while also listing servers (this one is minor but I like that type of view), and a migration between hosts can be slow because it has to transfer the entire size of the vdisk even if thin provisioned on both hosts.

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