ProxMox installation Error

Hey Guys,

Trying to install ProxMox at the moment but I'm getting an error "Could not install kvm_intel: operation not supported".

Any Ideas on what could cause this?


What platform are you installing it on? What is your install media? CD or USB? What version of Proxmox?

I found trying to install proxmox off a USB stick to be a tooth and nail fight that i gave up on. CD install worked flawlessly.

EDIT: Might seem like a dumb suggestion but things get overlooked, make sure you have enabled virtualization in the BIOS.

HP Compaq 8000 Core 2 vPro. USB, Latest stable.

I'll try a cd and see what happens

That's a pretty old platform. It may say vPro but that's pretty broad as far as intel is concerned. You sure it supports virtualization?


@mrpopo well I was. Now im looking into what exit code 37 in mkfs.ext4 does.

Any progress?

Managed to get it installed from a DVD. Still not quite sure what KVM_Intel is or does but it appears to be working now.

Thanks for your help mate!

No problem, glad you have it working. Been using proxmox for 2 years now and love the shit out of it.