Proxmox Confusion

Hey guys,

I'm trying to use Proxmox to run some virtualization instances, however the issue I'm running into is that no matter what monitor/video card/etc. it tells me that the video mode cannot be displayed. (Various versions of the message) I've done some Google searching, and have been unable to find someone with this particular issue, but I'd really like this to get up and running.

Parts are as follow:

CPU- AMD FX-8150
RAM- Misc. DDR3
PSU- Generic PSU that we sell at my shop

The other interesting part of this is that booting the flash drive on another system doesn't have this issue, at all, just this particular motherboard. Any help is much appreciated, and I'll list any more information needed; thanks guys!

Have you checked that all the virtualization goodies are enabled in the motherboard bios? Make sure IOMMU and VT features are all enabled.

@TheCaveman I actually didn't see anything about virtualization options anywhere in the BIOS, so I'm not too sure what else I could be missing. There was something in there about PCIPNP, which I decided to enable for fun (this time, has been disabled prior) Any reason why I can't find virtualization options?

I searched in the motherboard manual found here:

and I was only able to find one option that was under cpu configuration. I would see if thats enabled, but if not that I think I'm stumped on this one.

Dang, well that's already enabled, possible bad motherboard? It's a shame that I can't get this all to work, but I guess we'll see if anyone else has any ideas. Thanks for your input though @TheCaveman!

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I've had this problem with the proxmox installer before when using a DVI to VGA adapter.

I've found that the only thing that reliably works is DVI (straight through) to DVI on a monitor that supports either 1080p or 1280x720.

So here's another interesting thing; whenever I use the other system that I have (a Dell with an i7 and 8GB RAM) plugged into a good monitor, the same AMD system does the same issue on this monitor.... What??

It sounds like the installer's kernel doesn't have proper drivers for something related to display on the AMD system.

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Nice job, that was another fix that I just found, but strangely enough, a fix that I've done before fixed it. I switched out the monitor again, since I wanted to make sure there was no way possible for that to be the issue, and when that didn't work I completely reset the BIOS, battery, jumper, you name it. Then voila, everything booted up, so... I don't know what happened, but it's good! Thanks to both of you for answering my questions, and giving me suggestions, you're the bomb!

@SgtAwesomesauce & @TheCaveman Truly thank you both for the help!!


Always happy to help.

For the record, I never was able to get proxmox installed on my AMD system. Very similar motherboard, FX-8350.

More or less just gave up on it since I didn't need it all that much.

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@SgtAwesomesauce Yeah I kind of figured that this may not be worth it now. Now I get to the whole "Loading initial ramdisk" section and it freezes. The parts are all recycled, it could be that my PSU doesn't have enough juice, or that the 8150 is damaged. I have an Athlon X4 I could use, but probably not worth the effort eh?

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Yeah, that's where mine stops. I would look into different display adapters (If you can try direct VGA).

I wouldn't use the Athlon.

@SgtAwesomesauce Yeah I do have a VGA port on this monitor, so lemme try that, and I'll let you know my findings. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Any time!

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Negative, unless I'm plugged in through DVI I can't get to the boot menu. This is so strange.... Man, I am so lost, I'm thinking I probably just have a bad part somewhere for this whole recycled build. Maybe I'll try a shop supply I've got here, and see if maybe the CPU isn't getting enough power....

I do remember @wendell said something along the lines of that he couldn't get it to install on his 8350 machine unless it was on a dvd. You might want to give it a go?

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That is most certainly a possibility, though switching out processors I had no issues, so it may be that I don't have an available PSU with enough power for it to push through. Either way, I'll look into the DVD and if there's good news I'll report back haha. Proxmox installed easily onto the Dell I have (4790, 8GB RAM, etc.), but unfortunately that's where it all stops, and since it's my work machine, I'd rather make sure it stays up and running with my Manjaro install, y'know?

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Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I wanted to add this in case anyone else comes searching for this issue:

I’ve had this same issue with Proxmox. The initial USB boot up for the installer tries to launch into a video mode that my PC can’t display. I’m 95% sure that I just hit enter and it continued to boot and run the installer normally… I say 95% because it’s been a while, and I could be remembering it wrong…