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Proxmox - AMD Ryzen ZFS Mirror disk timeout


In near future, I am thinking about switching from XCP-ng to Proxmox. I am thinking about creating VM storage for my VMs based on ZFS on NVMe SSDs, either Corsair MP510 or Patriot VPN100. My issue is, I am not sure about the NVMe disk timeouts on Ryzen/Epyc platform LTT described some time ago on their storage server. I have ASUS Hyper m.2 x16 card for 4 m.2 SSD and Asrock x470 Taichi and 64GB ECC RAM. If I have 4 500GB NVMe SSDs in Raid 10 equivalent - 2 mirrored vdevs, would I be probably getting the timeouts? The four disk configuration would be cheaper than alternative 2 1TB disks in mirror, it is not for speed.

Thanks for any experience, or advice.

I would add, that I am running a Ryzen 5 3600, and will probably switch to Ryzen 7 3700X during the upgrade.

I think the timeouts happen with a lot more disks because the speed has be maxing memory bandwidth or there about.

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