Proper server setup for a 40-50 person LAN

I am organising a lan party for around 40-50 people.
I am the only one with the proper Hardware to do this.
The servers that I need to setup
-Forge minecraft
-CSGO and others from steamCMD
I started on this a couple weeks back.
Docker Hub!
I was intending to deploy this image for the minecraft servert.
The reason that I would like to get the minecraft server on forge, is that the moderator for the server said he wants it to be forge if possible.

The target machine is a server running Ubuntu server 22.02, and docker evironment is the included in the installer. I managed to get the image pulled to my machine, but I have failed to to anything else than that.
Today I decided to give docker desktop a try, so that I can get more familiar with the environment.

I pulled the forge-minecraft image down, and ran the onboard vulnerabilities scan. Here is the result

These errors don’t seem good to me.Well, I ran the image, and in short, it has something wrong inside logicly, since it kills itself after the initial startup.

If you have succesfully used a conteiner image, that would fit my use case, please let me know. And if you have come across a good tutorial on steamCMD, please let me know as well.

Thank you for your time!

Do you have enough internet for that many people?

a steam/origin/etc cache server could help

do have you have enough networking gear for that many people?

power delivery?

In short, this is a school event (sorry, I should have added this into the original message)
Our school provides the Networking and power delivery gear. Basicly we have these combo power-networking wagons where you can plug in about 7-14 people.
I don’t have access to the router management, so I am not sure if I could get the networking worked out. Plus my server isn’t really designed for the lan-cache role. Only 2x gigabit ethernet, and only SATA/SAS 6Gb/s drives, and most of those are 146gB drives.
Internet is fitted for a school of 550 people, so the internet should be fine

The server I was inteding to use has
2x Xeon X5570
48 GB of RAM
2x 146 GB SAS HDD
Working IPMI/IMM
2x Gigabit ethernet plus management
(is on IBM X3550 M3)

Just a heads up, if you can find a box with a much higher clocked modern cpu it would be better for minecraft. Minecraft is very single thread high ipc dependent. Have you looked into pufferpanel? Its what i use for running and hosting my minecraft servers

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Allright, thanks for the info
In that case repurposing one of my old laptops with an i7-4800MQ CPU would be the better options then?
I have been struglin to get the docker container up, so maybe it would be more efficent to go with that laptop, since it happens to have a good gigabit nic in it.

It may be, you would have to do some testing regarding the CPU.
Before giving up on that server though I would suggest installing PufferPanel on it instead:
once installed you can import templates, it also includes CSGO as a template so you can run it all from a single platform and have it web managed, makes it easy to give certain people access for certain servers, and you can set them up in containers or as native servers as well.

If it works well then it works well, if not then you have experience installing it so running it up on the laptop would be easy (not that its hard)

Had a quick look up the two cpu options, if the laptop can keep itself cool and maintain its boost clocks yes it would be a better option

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How did you go @FinOxy ?

Ended up going with self hosting on a windows 10 host, since the laptop couldn’t handle the hosting. And It was easier for our minecraft admin/moderator/organiser.
I am starting to gather my stuff for the lan also :slightly_smiling_face: