Projector or TV? Testing input latency on in-store demo products?

Hey! I’m in a bit of a weird situation, I just moved to Taipei, Taiwan. I also just leased an apartment for a year and it’s almost completely unfurnished. I’m starting to settle into the place, although I have to wait a little while before I can sign up for internet… right now I’m using my phone as a mobile hotspot. You can’t sign up for services like internet until you have your ARC. (Similar to a Green card in the US.)

Anyways, There’s no TV in this place. I’m expecting to stay in this apartment for more than the year my contract lasts for, I’m studying here for at least ~3 years. So, it’s sensible to purchase a TV, I think. a projector would definitely be a lot easier to move in the event I decided to do that.

My main concern with buying a TV/projector is input latency, as I’d definitely like to use my larger screen for playing games. Of course, the larger name brands have products here (and I know some Taiwanese brands have products that reach the US/get reviews), but there’s also lots of brands that don’t cross the pond and obviously get less exposure.

If I wanted to save a buck and use a ‘more local’ brand… is there a practical way for me to test the input latency of the displays by bringing my own gear and connecting them to the demo units in stores? I only really have access to my laptop, a chromebook, and my smartphone at the moment, but if there’s a gadget that’s portable and cheap enough, it might be worth making sure I can make a good purchase.