Project Idea: Powerbook G4 into a Case

A loose idea that I have.

I'm not going to pay for a new display panel for my powerbook G4. They are 300 bucks a pop, theres only like 7 of them loose globally, not fuckin worth it. However, this is the most powerful powerbook G4 of its day with 1.67 GHZ and the 3 GB ram hack, plus I can get an SSD for it. I would like to get it running for myself but with the display mucked its not going to go very well.

So, my thought is take the board out, mount it in a case, brace it, replace the CPU cooler with a real one, lots of fans, run that.


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I thought PowerBook G4s used PATA or something, not SATA?

Aside from that, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

PATA SSD's exist.

But why? Looking at the G4 specs, the last revisions supported up to 100 MB/s, which is slower than death. An SSD would be a waste of money at those speeds.

Why don't you make it into an all in one to attach behind a monitor? Take out the top lid with the display, disconnect the keyboard and replace it with a solid piece of plastic. And, in that piece of plastic, make some holes to attach the rest of the notebook to the back of a monitor. Less expensive and more fun to make in my opinion.

Actually thats a way better idea but the cooling is SO BAD.

Did you try the usual procedure? Take it apart, dust it off, new thermal paste? I don't remember if the G4 has the bottom panel that comes off but, if so, just take it off and run it that way. Cooling should be enough without a whole solid panel in front of the components.
Even if it runs a bit hot have you ever had any throttling issues?

I would love to have the spare cash to build an old apple tower
into a hack n tosh the run elementary os on it (Duel boot)

Very few os's use powerpc correctly from the apple days :p

Well its a matter of my powerbook has a failing display and the cooling sucks in most powerpc laptops. And as I said I'm not paying 300 dillars for a display.

Sucks in most modern laptops too. Anyway I can't argue with what I said and I gave you my idea. i don't think giving that notebook a better cooling is worth anyway.

You would be surprised. The laptop chips are the same as the desktop chips. Kinda like sparc in a sense.

Sure, but they're clocked accordingly to run decent on those machines so I guess cooling is fine. Also I thought at this more like a fun thing to do than a really useful improvement of the thing itself.

Did you know all of my projects don't just get taken apart again, but rather are built by purpous and are used almost daily? Unlike projects like the Gaming suitcase that someone had, all of my stuff is built to both make it better and for fun. When I go on a documentation spree about hackintosh laptops, lets say, not only is it to show that anyone can do it, but also I'm going to use that laptop every day as a tool.

I've seen that you're a really practical kind of person but I think that one practial aspect defeats the other (backmounted to a monitor or better cooling, for example). I don't think it's bad to have fun even doing practical things!

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Heh, well thats sorta what I meant actually. My fun is my work. Honestly if Amiga's were still around I would be in that office with the rest of stem sleeping under my workbench and getting up at 4 AM to write assembly then by lunch creating a game. I honestly wish things like that were still around. Eventually though I'll find my dream job of hacking hardware...

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I'm glad your fun is your job, that's really a precious thing to have!
We gain, we lose. If Amigas were still around we wouldn't be here talking about it, sharing ideas and having fun. There are no Amiga emulators that allows to do such thing? I know it won't be like having the physical thing in front of you but would be something at least.

P.S. I know I'm going OT, sorry about that.

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If you have access to a 3D printer you could print a custom case and switch out the heatsinks with something better. Or you could just mount everything to a piece of plywood and screw that to the back of your monitor.

I wasthinging wood, yeah, but not like that :P