Prog Rock Evolution - Math Rock

I'd say the genre is a nuance of progressive rock. I'm a big fan of this music actually. Back in the 2000's, some of the modern rock bands exploring grandiose rock scores this was muse(citizen erased) and radiohead(paranoid android), but they've lost their edge to making music that pushes the genre. Surely there were other bands that I'd listen to that were experimental, but I wanted the voice to go with it.(Dream Theater?) I just wasn't able to find music like this back in the day. It might have existed, but it was out of my reach :/.

Some of the hard to find music like this on the internet(not-so-hard anymore), is like so refreshing, because it's not mainstream, yet so damn good that you feel like you're apart of something special. Discovering good music is an awesome gift.

Let me know what you guys think.

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I like it, very different.

Here's something a little similar that you might like.

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Ill listen to it when I have a moment, bloody family wants me all the time <3

Check out this also:

If you guys notice... strangely all the album covers match up in the original post. There's the sea, and then a boat, and then a man meditating, and another man holding a tesseract in his hands.

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