Prodigy M w/SLI

Planning a build with Prodigy M with the following parts: 


maximus vi gene

16gb Vengence Pro 1866mhz

2x GTX 760, EVGA superclocked ACX 4gb

Originally I was going to with a 780 and put in a 240 rad on the top but switched to the 760's. Now I need to find a clc with a rad I can put in the bottom or the back. Prefer the bottom as it will fit up to 230mil fan, not sure if rads are made in 200 or 230.


Also, I'm getting the 760 one at a time, so please don't tell me to just get the 780. 

Go for it. just get ready to deal with SLI Issues, cause its not perfect, however the constructive criticism i would give you is that to maybe choose a different case, Airflow gets more restricted as you add more GPUs in that case and the lack of HDD Mounts is astounding, that case is really made to take SSDS and Laptop Hard Drives. and once you mount a 240mm Radiator in there you will have no space to mount lets say a 2TB hard Drive. if you have your heart set on 2 4GB 760s just go for it, but like i mentioned i would strongly recommend a different case to save you at least some headaches also be aware that Extra Vram on a Card doesn't make it better.

Storage wise I only planned on using 2.5" drives. 

What I'm looking for is a cpu water cooler with a large-ish rad. 140 to 230mil 

For the heat I'm putting as many Noctua fans as I can on and in it

Right seeing as my secondry rig is one of these bad boys, going to chime in.

You are REALLY limited with everything in this case. Doing one thing trades off for another.

If you are running SLI, you will not get a 240 Rad in this case. The gap between the GPU and the top mount will not be enough for the rad (let alone with fans). Nor will it fit into the bottom due to there not being enough room for the tanks on either end of the rads. You will be limited to a 120mm or 140mm rad to mount in the rear.

Using SLI, you will want to have the top as intake, except the one fan will be against the GPUs. If the board has its USB3 header along the bottom edge of the board, you will not be able to connect it, due to the bluk of the connector and the GPU being in the way.

You will require the bottom 230mm or 2x120mm as intake, otherwise things are going to get VERY toasty. Which obviously drops your 2x3.5" HDDs in the bottom. (Although there is the side mounting bracket)

Trying to fit as much as you are in will be difficult and by no means "aesthetically pleasing".

then look at some corsair Water coolers they are pretty good.

As noted in my comment. Will NOT fit unless only a single GPU is used.

exactly my point lol, the Prodigy M was originally my case, but internally it wasn't aesthetically pleasing, and it was a headache to work with then i upgraded to a silverstone ft03 and my nightmares went away.

I'm aware of it, he asked for a good CPU water cooler and that was my recommendation, if he chooses to put in that case and it doesn't fit then it was on him, thats why i also recommended he just choose a different case so he doesn't have to deal with the headaches later on, and the H100i fitting in there, Airflow, and GPU SLI issues will be a major part of his headaches.