Problems with windows 8

So I'm using a PC running windows 8 pro, and it has been perfect till today when I had a problem with it and when I tried to contact MS support they wold say "Please contact the call center as we are not technically trained".

The thing is it's the weekend where I live and I need a quick solution, so here's a brief of what happened:
>PC perfectly fine yesterday

>turn it off, no updates or anything

>turn on today

>stuck at the login screen saying "Preparing windows" for like 8 minutes 

>logs in

>fresh windows copy

>lost everything on my C drive that's windows related including photos, downloads, documents and most importantly, GAME SAVES

>goes into windows settings

>sync settings

>"you are currently logged in to a temporary account"

>control panel says I'm the admin

>log out and log in

>nothing has changed

>lost all my windows 8 apps (not that I used them but still)

>lost all my quick launch apps



I would really appreciate it if you guys help me! cheers.


Maybe you accidently logged into a different account giving the impression that everything is gone?
Is your C:/ empty ?

If it isn't then somehow your system has "refreshed" or "reset" this is where Windows 8 can restore itself to a fresh install.

Did you have File history activated? Does the event viewer have events going back further than the "reset" date?