Problems with Thunderbird

Hey guys. I’m having some issues with the latest Thunderbird (78.2.2) on Windows 10 and my Hotmail/Gmail accounts.

It first started after TB updated itself and I could no longer receive or send emails form imap Hotmail/Gmail. There is no error shown when trying to receive mails, and when I try to send something I get an error about the smtp configuration being wrong (I have not changed anything).

I deleted one of my Gmail accounts and try to set it up fresh again, but TB then complains that it can’t find the server information. Even if I input the configuration manually.

I have several POP3 accounts from a private email server that I use for work and those function fine.

Google was of no help. Only thing I found was allowing third party apps to both Hotmail and Gmail. That also did not work.

Set up 2FA for Google then generate an app password for mail in your 2FA account settings page. Fixed most problems like that in the past.

I actually do have two step verification for both Hotmail and Gmail. TB used to work fine until it updated itself.

Managed to fix it. It was a corrupted profile. Had to reconstruct all my accounts. Not the first time TB does this to me. Oh well, have it fixed at least.