Problems with HP laptop


My cousin has a HP laptop. He spilled some jogurt on it :D He cleaned it and it works almost perfectly now except one thing. It randomly opens multiple internet browser windows. It is not a virus. Windows was reinstaled and it is doing the same thing. I think that ''fast internet browser button'' could be somehow damaged and that is responsible for this behavior. Do you have any ideas how could i solve this?


Does it open the separate internet browsers when clicking on a link, or just randomly with no keyboard input?

Randomly without touching anything. Separate browsers. For eample 10 browser windows at time. Then it calms down for a while then opens more. without any time pattern.

Interesting. I was going to take a guess and say the shift key is damaged if it were when you clicked links. But it could be a completely unrelated issue. Try re-installing, if you haven't. What browser are you using?