Problems with GTX 780

Sometimes my display drivers crash randomly and they crash everytime I try to play BF4. When I dont play in windowed mode, I need to reboot the whole computer when it crashes. I have tried to install those drivers few times again, but it doesnt seem to help. Also when I play other games too, my gpu usage is always at 98%. Even when I play dayz or Civilization V. So what should I do? And yeah my system specs: i7 4770k, Asus z87 A, Asus gtx 780 dc cu2. 

Do you have the latest, most stable drivers installed?

Have you scanned your system for malware?

Yes. I have the latest stable drivers and no infected files.

Do you have any active overclocks on the system? I have personally had issues, with overclocks on the GPU's when running Battlefield, despite being stable in all testing, this again typically crashed other games and it was specifically the drivers that crash. 


I had a stable OC on my GTX 670, but due to crashes, I had to revert back to stock clocks while playing BF4.

My Gtx 770 4gb can run any benchmark at 1300mhz, but in battlefield it would crash at more than 1240mhz.

The other thing that seams to crash Battlefield is a CPU overclock from the experience of my friends. Stable in testing but his 4770K @4.4 Ghz seamed to crash it as well. can't remember what voltage he had it at but as I say it was stable under testing

Daamn :D Is Dice smoking weed or something? But yeah, thank you very much for tips, gotta test without overclocks since my i7 is oc d as well as gtx 780. But is it normal that gtx 780 runs always at 98% usage not even depending on game. I mean it stays cool, but I find it very weird, becouse with 770 it rarely got to 98%

Glad that helps, Yeah the game will push the GPU all day long while ever the frame rate is not limited, if you compare the max frame rate of the 770 and 780 at that 98% load point you will see the difference in the cards there. Limiting the frame rate will save on GPU load to a point but you risk missing the action when on-line, its ok during single play but not recommended during multiplayer.