Problems with finding my CPU temp

I recently installed a new cpu cooler as an upgrade from the stock amd as it was loud as hell. I have an AMD-6800k CPU.

After I installed it I booted it up and checked the CPU temp in the bios and it was at around 40. I then installed HWMonitor and the reading for CPU temperature seems very strange. There is only 1 temperature called package, whereas on screenshots of the program it lists temps of all cpu cores, and it's temp varies from 50-85 degrees C. I've checked my bios settings and the auto shutdown is set at 75 degrees so this cannot be right.

On the general temperatures tmpin2 is usually at around 36-44 degrees C depending on the load and I have a feeling this is the CPU temp, as this is also one of the temps shown by speedfan.

Is there are more reliable way I can find my CPU temperature? Does anyone else with a 6800k find they have this problem with HWMonitor software?

Thanks in advance.

The standard sensors on die and the readings produced by software aren't always correct. I've heard of certain amd chips that have wonky readings, not sure if this one. You could check with an external sensor but if you mounted the cooler correctly there should be nothing to worry about. (and package refers to the temp on the entire cpu, sometimes there arent any individual core sensors)

All newer AMD chips have horrible temperature readings. 

Thanks for the replies guys.

Downloaded OCCT and checked temps using the different software settings (it let's you choose between hwmonitor, coretemp etc in settings). Every software gave a very different value until i clicked speedfan and it immediately crashed my PC.

Apparently finding my cpu temp is impossible.