Problem with mouse in Ubuntu 18.04

I have a really strange issue, I have a corsair M45 mouse with a semi-broken firmware. The mouse works fine in windows if i have the corsair software open. There is an option to enable hardware playback but when i enable that the button on the mouse stop working. The hardware playback feature is basically broken. Only solution tho this i could come up with is to run the corsair software in wine (only available for windows of course), but when i try to install it it just says that I need to plug in the mouse.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

This is the stupid corsair software:

(I have also tried re-flashing the firmware of the mouse with no luck)

Wine can’t actually detect USB devices. Your best bet would be to look around and see if anyone is having a similar issue. Open your terminal and type “lsusb” (or “sudo lsusb” if that doesn’t work) and copy-paste the ID for your mouse into your favorite search engine and see if there are similar issues with other folks on a GNU/Linux system. Note that the hardware ID is something like 04f2:b53a, not the entire line printed by lsusb. If you’re having trouble after that, I’d recommend looking around to see if anyone is having the same issues in Window$. If you can’t find anything similar still, I’d honestly recommend emailing Corsair and seeing what they say (about the Window$ issue and the GNU/Linux issue, though they’ll probably only care about the Window$ one).

I sent a support ticket to corsair, let’s hope they’ll have a solution :slight_smile: