Problem with discord or did YouTube decided can't insert YouTube video only links to videos

A week ago insert a YouTube video it didn’t work, I was only able to insert s link to an YouTube video. like the following. What use to appear was a little box where you could watch the video with leaing Discord now I can only insert a link to the video and when I click that link it takes me to the youtube web site then I can watch the video. Does anyone know how I can fix this or is this something that needs to be fixed by YouTube or do I need to subscribe to YouTude Premeam to have this fuction back.

Okay so I don’t actually know what happening but it does not like the format of the youtube link in discord.

I copied your first one and tried it and it didn’t work like you said, I tried a random video from years ago in case the link formatting changed recently, but it too didn’t work.
Random car video, but thats the bformat the link is in when copied from the Youtube App on android.

I edited it badly to

And that made both show up even through I only edited the first link, after that it saw the second short version for the Start Trek video and correctly grabbed the preview then for both videos.

I think it just gets confused woth the formatting, once it knows what it is it will preview correcrly.

Edit: I just checked back and now they all have previews. So maybe it just takes longer to unwrap the short link to the full one and get the info.

Both work fine for me now.

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Thanks, @Zibob, for your help; I still can’t get it to work right; I noticed a few days ago a different problem related to Youtube; I tried to download a video I created months ago and upload it to Youtube and presently lost my only local copy. Now the problem I am noticing is that downloading videos from Youtube takes ten times longer than it used to. I got some message from Youtube That makes me believe if I were a subscriber to Youtube, all my problems would go away like magic. So now Youtube is putting all the services it used to provide for free behind a paywall. Signing up for Youtube premium is almost tempting.