Problem with AMD Crimson "Screen Flickering"

So to start here is a link to a video showing the issue. LINK

My System
CPU: 6600K 4.2Ghz
Motherboard: Asus Extream 4 Z170 Mini
Graphics Card: Asus R9 280x 3gb "Running Crimson 17.10.2711
OS: Windows 10 "fully updated"

My monitor Flickers often, it changes monitors when I disconnect them and plug them back in.

Stuff I have tried

  • Latest Drivers "Gets Wors"

  • Oder Driver "Goes away at Crimson version 15 But comes back at version 16+

  • New Cables "HDMI, and DVI"

  • The problem seems to be worst when I'm typing or moving my mouse

More Ranty version of the list above "for more info if needed"
So it gets weird. The flickering is normally on my main monitor, but if I disconnect the DVI cable and disconnect my second monitor then plug them back " the main monitor first" the flickering changes to my second monitor. Right now I'm using the latest drivers from AMD, but if I revert to version 15 "17.10.2711 is current" The problem goes away. But I can't play modern games because of how out of date the drivers are.

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Are they the same refresh rate?

Did the issue start after a driver update? Or did the flickering start some time ago and got worse over time?

See what happens when you lower the resolution of the currently flickering monitor. I've had similar issues with a secondary monitor but in my case it turned out that it works with a VGA but flickers with a DVI cable so I blamed it on the monitor's DVI port.

You are not undervolting your card, are you?

yes both 60hz

It started when I updated the drivers to Crimson 16/17 if I revert back a long time it work fine but I can't play some games due to outdated video drivers.