Problem, Case Manufacturers?(troll face)

any case that can fit this?

maybe a 4th video card and some more SSD's?

also is the PSU enough for it as is?

would it be enough for the 4th card?


i'm being absolutely serious here though, i SERIOUSLY need to know

Best case scenario (hahhahaha) I'd obviously go with a full tower and maybe try the Phantom from NZXT? That's pretty large.

Wait for a 900D? and come on with that set up I'd defientely consider water cooling like come on aha! 

Why on earth are you getting Home Premium?

whoops, i'll fix that, ULTIMATE HERE I COME

BTW to house 4 of the cards i'd need a case with 14 expansion slots, for the 3 cards i'd need 11 expansion slots

oh and BTW no liquid cooling because it would ruin any top flow exhaust fans by sucking cool air down in through the top, therefore limiting case airflow and increasing inside case air temp, if the rad takes air out of the case, it's sucking hot air through it, reducing the effectiveness of itself, not to mention that if a hose pops off or if any part of it leaks, my 10k worth of components frys, then im screwed, blued, and tatooed.

hey, you don't need a sound card with the extreme 11, it has a non-pos one built-in. case, since price is obviously no limit, get the cosmos.

and why are you not getting a 27" 1440p monitor?

not getting a 1440p monitor due to i can't find any @ 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time :)

Those monitors have garbage color reproduction. Faster response time is only really beneficial for single monitor FPS gaming. If you want to actually use some of that graphical prowess you should get some higher res monitors. 



This build is going to have some serious cooling problems. Those windforce cards are going to push so much of that heat back into the case, not to mention that they wont have access to cool air in the first place really. What application is this build for, because it currently doesnt really fill any role except being overly expensive, and underpowered for the cost.

kinda just a troll build, i mean i basically tried to make the highest powered most over the top absolute beast gaming PC physically possible with current tech

Gotta go xeon then bud. Starting dealing with proccessors that cost the same as whole massive systems :p

Throw two of those on there, plus a Already 5500. Thats nothing but CPU's and a mobo.

Might as well get this case as well:

Are you actually building this?

try a cosmos 2 huge case that gives the tardis a run for it's $$$$

Pretty sure any E-ATX or XL-ATX case would be able to pack all that in some way or another if you dropped the sound card for 4 way SLI (that mobo has good sound), the Fractal Design Define XL R2 and the Antec P280 would be the first 2 cases i looked at, after that id look at either something from silverstone like the TJ11/TJ07 or caselabs cases.

yeah i'll build it when i win the lotto, but seriously? 2 CPU's? and also i thought xeon "server"/"workstation" CPU's were no good for gaming. also are those hyperthreaded?

Reletively sure anything in the Performance series from antec could fit all that.  If you don't think it could, they always offer the Twelve Hundred.

The Cooler Master Cosmos II will give you ample room for hard drives and SSDs, and you'll definitely be able to fit all those graphics cards plus one more in there (it has 11 expansion slots). I would definitely go with the Cosmos II for this build, unless you want to wait for the Corsair 900D to come out. I hope you're water cooling those graphics cards too. The Cosmos II will give you room for a 360mm radiator in the top and a 240mm radiator in the bottom.