Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI Setting RAM and raid NVME


I am unable to figure out how to change the ram speed(3200 defaulted to 2166) in the BIOS. It is not where it usually is in the AI Tweaker.

I am also looking to raid some NVMEs together in the hyper m.2 card that comes with the board. The setup I have now is I changed the PCIE to RAID and windows could then see 4 drives instead of 1 then used Storage Spaces to Raid0. It does not seem fast enough(4 gen 3 doing 2800 read 1700 write). I could not find a bifurcation setting in the bios either(although) that is what setting the pcie to RAID seems to have done.

I searched ASUS and could not find help on this BIOS and reached out the their support but they had to escalate and are working on it now.


I read somewhere that the WRX boards won’t do XMP so you need to buy memory kits that are officially JEDEC standard 3,200 MHz. I don’t know if that helps you at all.

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After enabling PCIe RAID for the PCIe slot you have installed your M.2 Hyper with your four SSDs in you have to save and reboot the system.

After the reboot you’ll have a new AMD RAIDXpert menu option in the UEFI where you can set up your four physical SSDs to RAID 1/0/10.

Apply the changes and then the operating system will only see one logical disk, the RAID volume you’ve created.

Windows needs the AMD NVMe RAID drivers to recognize that volume so these need to be installed during the setup process if you want to use that volume for the OS itself.

Hmm I am not sure I can even find this memory type at this point:)

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Is this RAID faster than just using striping in windows storage spaces or disk management?


Have seen both scenarios - only way to be sure is to test it with your configuration yourself.

But more often than not - in my experience - AMD’s software RAID is faster than Windows’ software RAID.

Also the AMD RAID firmware/driver is said to become even faster “soon” with better multi-thread usage.

I just tried it and it was not there in the bios. Any ideas?

Can you post screenshots/photos of the general UEFI “Advanced” menu overview?

I don’t have a Threadripper PRO system accessable, my description was based on an ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE motherboard, maybe the options are moved around a bit.

Ahh yes, Ive looked at them all and the options you think are there for these questions are simply not. ASUS is looking into it so hopefully they will come up with something:( There is literally no documentation I can find for this BIOS…

To set the memory overclock go to BIOS → advanced → AMD CBS → UMC Common Options → DDR4 Common Options → DRAM Timing Configuration-> accept warning → overclock “Enable”

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The Menu on ASUS WRX80E BIOS motherboard is different, as the way you set up your machine.

Go on You tube and copy paste this in the search box .

How to adjust memory speed Asus Pro WRX80E-SAGE-WIFI motherboard
It will take You to a video By Tims-Pc, which pretty much sums it all up in a minute.

Follow this simple guide to take You to the memory speed and timings, and type in the timings manually.

DONOT ASK me if you can overlock the memory as i have no idea how to do that nor if the memory controller on the cpu will allow you to do that on this platform, as on epyc you cannot by any means nor hacks overclock the memory
If You have higher rated non ecc memory for higher speeds you can always try to input eg 3600 speed with tight timings and subtimings and see if you can post …if it does then run mem check to see if the system is stable.
check on you tube how to run memtest to check for system stability…
I warn You the process is very long and the more ram u got the longer it ill take, so if you do this run it overnight, ad perhaps it will be finished when you wake up in the morning.
Easy peasy…
have fun

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