Pro sage nvme and sata multiple arrays

Pro sage Raid question. I am using the x4 raid setup m.2 as boot disk with a adaptec 6805 raid card running raid 6 magnetic drives.

Thought about just using the raid controller instead of the 6805. But I do not see any of the mechanical drives when trying to create a new volume. I have sata set to raid in the bios and the drives are seen at the OS but are not available in raid expert.

Any one setup a nvme array and separate sata array via the mb raid? Docs show just a limit on the number of arrays but not the type or mix.
So thinking the arrays might have to be either sata or nvme but not both.


Looks like I just needed to read the manual only the 4 drives of 8 data ports can be in RAID. A little bit of a bummer. Just used to a 8x sata raid controller and it did not hit me that some ports would be neutered. Maybe should just get an updated RAID adapter that has updated software versus my Adaptec 6805.

Switched sata ports and it took a long time to get into the bios but eventually got there. Initialized the disks 4 drives raid 5.

Rebooted…got the windows 11 circle… But been there a while too. Hmm 3min…5…errh. 10 minutes. But got to sign on.
Launched raid expert and it is building the array created in the bios. Working at least.

RAID data ports are the top 4 closer to the cpu. Fyi.

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