Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Audiophile Turntable Review | Tek Syndicate

It was quick but the answers are there,

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Pretty sure he said something along the lines of, "It reduces vibrations and gives a more linear sound." I'm paraphrasing here.

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I'd really like to see a comparison of some decent phono pre-amps under $500US.

They say on the video it is to reduce vibration and coloration of the sound.

Most mid range and above receivers, processors and and integrated amps have them.

I really liked the video! Well shot and all that, was very enjoyable. I love seeing these sorts of videos: Headphones, microphones, little gadgets and the like. I'd love to see more speaker reviews, perhaps some audio interface and studio monitor reviews.

I like it. Keeps me up to date with what's hip and new in the audiophile community.
But a $100 cartridge and stylus? That better be really injected with the tears of orphans or something.

Yes would love this! You could do some reviews on DAC Streamers,Headphone Amps, Receivers etc. It is Tek and what kind of Tek head don't like music? And music on on audiophile level would be awesome . I have no doubt Wendell could do some tube amp builds that would blow minds. I'm and older guy(47) and I see and talk to allot of younger people (teens early twenty's) about music I bring up receivers, amps, preamps and the like and they think I'm talking about car audio, I am not saying all younger folk are this way but in my neck of the woods most have music on there phone and or mp3 player of some type and that is all they hear. I have had a couple of them swing by the house curious I suppose after I tell them if you really wanna listen to the song or album I can arrange that and they hear an Old (40 years old ) 90lbs 140 watt solid state receiver all of a sudden they are into vintage and or new high end gear. I have had a few sit there in the chair when I hit about half on the dial say (I think i just came lol) So yes I think the world could benefit from this type of review.

It is actually kinda low for a audiophile grade cartridge take a gander :

Sorry, must have missed that. Never experienceed that as a problem either. But I like Pro-Ject. Good turntables for good prices. Nearly bought one myself, then I had my old one repaired.

Bring on the audio equipment!!!

No not always. Yes a FLAC or Apple lossless are techincallly better. Vinyl normally doesn't suffer from idiot sound engineers compressing the track for "loudness". And the whole risk of poor digital to analogue conversion isn’t an issue.

Along with there is the whole pride of ownership that goes with digital audio. Sleeve jacket art and the such.

And vinyl encourages dedicated listening. It is interesting to think very few people "just" listen to music.

Nice record player, it looks realy sollid to me.
Allthough you cannot call this a turn table basicly,
because turn tables are a bit diffrently.

I personaly have 2 Stantons ST150´s

And that is why when you do buy vinyl, yoi make sure the mastering was done from the tapes instead from a CD. There are companies who specialize in that.

There have been some artist such Jack Wite that records their music with vinyl in mind. Older recordings and music such as that were made for vinyl which means it retains the artistic vision for the recording.

I agreed that lossless and high bit rate (above redbook) is better.

But I think you miss the point. Propraganda is a bit extreme it just sound, which is highly subjective. Saying vinyl is worthless is like saying that wine worthless because everclear gets you drunk faster.

I work on both digital and analog electronics for a living so no I don't need it explained to me.

Some punk, metal, rock, electronic, bands do vinyl recording. Meaning they want the listener to hear it on vinyl. I don't get why that is so hard to understand. If both are mastered the same then yeah go with digital.

There is no reason to get condescending about it.

But a debate of art vs engineering is pointless. I will leave it at that.

Thank you for the review, I am looking into buying one of these maybe. Yet a few questions remain to be addressed regarding the proprietary parts used, the possibility of repairing/modifying with other brands counterparts like the tone arm, belt or cartridge. I would also like to know about the accessibility of the internal parts because modifying and creation of custom bodies is quite important to many audiophiles.

And you could also get into amplifiers. In fact this audio aspect got me all excited and I dream of Audiophile guides from you guys about such things as Classic equipment - Amplification - Bi-amplification - calibration - DIY modificatins and so on but I'm just fantasizing, or am I? Well anyways, simple reviews will do just fine, as long as they cover the essential.

Finally, here is a suggestion of a great album to get in vinyl

Considering getting into vinyl again, after my previous record player broke I didn't really feel like getting a new one. Should probably put all those records I've got lying around to god use. Moar content like this plz its nice a nice change from all that cliche shit on every single other channel.

I, personally, would definitely enjoy some more audio/consumer electronics reviews. I am a music-fiend, as opposed to an audiophile, and am currently using (and loving) an Audio-Technica AT-LP120 Direct Drive table.

Vinyl is awesome, simply because it reinforces the idea that an entire album (as opposed to a few top tracks) is worth listening to. Not to mention that it allows a greater physical involvement with the entirety of the art that goes into producing that album. And if you have some really well mastered vinyl, you can crank that phono up and hear some seriously awesome warmth and rant over.

Albert, awesome turntable choice, and a great review; hope to see more!

Almost bought this got a thorens off craigslist instead Love the review Long live Vinyl!!! Im going to get the RPM 5 next review it if you can!

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