Private trackers

is there a thread for people to swap invites here?
and, i see in the rules that direct links are not allowed, so i wanted to verify if this would even be allowed.

if so, i do have some invites available to quality seeders.

thoughts from someone in power?

CLARIFICATION: NO direct data linking would be used in this process.

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I’m not staff or anything, but if the invites/seeds are for torrents/ illegal file sharing, then it’s not to be posted.

Torrenting and file sharing in general are not illegal, and you can talk about technical aspects of it.

But not the illegal side.

Like, you can ask if Cox stopped all seeds/traffic, but can’t offer link to the new Marvel movie or whatever

Rule #2

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i read the rules and the FAQ. none of them apply as an invite does not link to data, and the sites the invites are used on host things that are also legal.

so the question stands.

also, the links to an invite would be required to be handled through a PM so there should be NO public linking to even a site.

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Should not need PM as you should not link illegal shares, as you know.

But if a swarm does share illegal content, the the tracker used to get into the swarm, would be a link to illegal content.

Presumably you are meaning to obfuscate the activity, by using the extra layers to try and pretend the end result is different from reality?

I see what you mean about the invite to a tracker not having anything illegal in the invite link, and so technically not a breach of the rules, but the outcome is the same?

As in, if a group that you were to link, only shared legally available stuff, like Linux ISO’s, or origional content, then there would be no need to pretend it is legal, and you could post.

But, if the content was legal, there would be no need for the obfuscation.

edit: in my opinion

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the PM requirement is due to invites being NAMED. if i create an invite for YOU, it can only be used by Trooper_ish so posting it publicly would be a bad idea.

no, i do not mean to obfuscate anything. i am not talking about sharing torrents or data.

i am only asking about swapping referrals. like those MLM home sales schemes your parents use to invite ‘friends’ over to try and sale them into in the 90’s.


MLM scams are not all illegal; Some are dubiously moral, and others are very immoral, but most colour inside the law.

And I do need to look into the mechanics of the whole file sharing thing more, as I have legit only done legal torrents, literal ISO’s of distro’s, so I never looked into the whole film sharing thing, and have a lot to learn.
The most I heard about, was it is the seeders that govs go for on the whole, rather than the leechers, whereas it seems the ISP’s squash the leechers and the connections/downloads, without bothering with legal action, so much.
At least, that’s how it looked from the sideline.

I won’t sully your thread any further, having given a second opinion; you know it’s against the spirit of the rules, so you shouldn’t do it.

(Edit) and, my opinion could be wrong; many people do download movies and stuff here, maybe some will correct you, and also reach out directly so you can hook them up.

I will, though. OP appears to have been around here for long enough that they should realize trying to get around the rules on a technicality is just going to get you slapped on the L1T forums.

From what I know of the mods, I don’t think they’re interested in playing games like this.


you also think bitcoin is illegal don’t you?

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I’m sorry man, I don’t mean to be a pain.

You have posted some great stuff to the forum, and it is good you care enough to share.

I just don’t think the link thing is the right way to go.

And Bitcoin is fine, you can even donate to L1T, just don’t use it to hire hitmen…(or, if you do, don’t post the links on here?)[one should not use USD to hire hitmen either…]

honestly i am trying to understand your stance on this? Bitcoin, dollar bills (YO), and torrent trackers, all do the same thing. i can share my BTC address, paypal address, but not share invites to trackers?

Hang tight, we’re discussing this.

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I mean to say, Bitcoin is an underlying tech that is pretty generic, and is used for good.

A more apt analogy, in my mind, might be the pirate bay. edit: I really need to step back and research more

But, as Dynamic said hang tight, means I must have the wrong end of the stick, and there must be legitimate files being shared in the groups/swarms/whatever.

@Zedicus the official stance is we do not allow advocating for piracy, and sharing invites to private torrent trackers can be considered as such.

while i think that is a very limited view, i will accept your answer. Thanks for the consideration.


Why do that at all? Where is freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is enshrined in the United States of America Bill of Rights.

(Un)fortunately, this forum is not a government entity and therefore a private entity who can set their own Terms of Service which governs the public use of this forum.

Also remember that Freedom of Speech is not Freedom of Consequences. It doesn’t mean you can say what ever the fuck you want without repercussion. It just means the government can’t break down your door and black bag you if you express a different political opinion. Saying dumb shit on the internet will still get you ban hammered.

Any further questions feel free to DM me.