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Private internet access and DNS

So I’m about to pull the trigger on PIA, but I don’t know what’s up with their DNS logging. Afaik they have their own DNS servers, that definitely makes me think they have DNS logs…

You know what I’m going to grab it anyway, but I’m still curious. Also Any other VPNs you all have been eyeballing?

I know they’re USA based and 5/14 eyes and all that shit but with no logs it doesn’t really matter. Discuss give me your knowledge my forum brethren.

It really comes down to personal preference. What do you want out of that VPN? Before theres any arguments I’m going to post this. I believe it to be accurate.

I am currently a PIA user but I’m considering moving to Nord.

I´m using NordVPN instead. They supposedly don´t keep any logs what so ever. Was pretty cheap at one point (3 bucks a months for a one year plan) then I got it. Now it´s more expensive again, but there is still a 2 year plan for 4€.

PIA claims to log absolutely nothing of any kind. Logs are never written to disk.

I’ve been using PIA for several years and I’ve had no issues with them. I’ve tried a couple other services before but I could never get the performance I wanted, at least before I upgraded my connection to 1Gbps.

I wouldn’t worry to much about them keeping logs since they’ve stood by thier no logs policy in 2 separate court cases. When the Russian government made it mandatory that all VPN service keep logs and make them available to them upon request, they simple shutdown their servers and left the country.

So, you are suggesting that PIA may be logging all DNS traffic, whether you use their DNS resolvers, or not?
Interesting. One does wonder how these VPN providers remain financially solvent.

I run Unbound with DNSSec. I am under no delusion that I can not be monitored, but anyone who is interested will need to make a little extra effort.

No, I was saying if using their DNS that they would log that. But they really don’t log so it’s not a big deal.

Nord scares me because it’s so cheap.

Once I installed everything I could access the internet either, or only youtube. Literally. Just Youtube. Nothing else would come up at all. So I have to figure that one out.

Agreed, when the price is too good to be true, that generally means that you are the product.

From what I’ve tried PIA doesn’t seem to work without turning on compression, so that’s not great at all, but we shall see.

Compression was the openvpn vulnerability fyi.