Private Cloud?

I've managed to come across two fully stacked poweredge servers and am looking for the best way I can use them. I used to run single Ubuntu server instances on old desktops and in VPSs running web servers and storing TBs of backups and would love to do away with those. I've dabbled in both openstack and vmware, and at the end I loved openstack, but I got really stuck on its networking requirements and vmware was filled with tons of licencing hoops I would have to jump through. I've checked out proxmox, but it doesn't look like it would last through very much expansion. I like to think I know what I'm doing, but I'm really hoping for just a simple solution. If there is none, I'd love to hear some opinions on my situation. Thanks! 

ive herd Wendell praise Owncloud, you should check it out

I don't really understand the question to be honest. So you're looking for a virtualization environment to run private cloud services in?

Proxmox is just a GUI frontended linux install, used as a hypervizor because it can, there is much less limitation to expandability then any commercial prepackaged dedicated hypervizor. Dedicated hypervizors will always be more limited than regular full linux installs. Proxmox does exactly the same thing as any regular Debian Jessie install with kvm/qemu and lxc, except it uses it's own GUI frontend instead of virt-manager/boxes. There is no limit to its expandability.