Privacy on smarthphones

Hi guys, and girl!

I decided to post this question in the Inbox since I wanted to know the view of the tek sindicate on this subject.

I've finally decided to buy a smartphone so I started gathering info on what apps people use.

I really love old phones battery life (have a Nokia E52 at the moment) and since I work in front of a computer all day never felt the need to get one. (went for a Moto G just because it seemed like a great deal for the price)

What brought my attention to the privacy mater was apps like Viber/Whatsapp and the likes.

Seems that they read and upload all your contact list to their servers and at least in Viber's case the handling of that information has been more than dubious.

Reading on, more and more articles refer to privacy issues in simple apps like free games and other more "trust worthy" apps that send your private info to several ad companies.


What is your view on this issue?

What apps do you use and do you consider them safe?

Any tips to help mitigate this problem?




 == EDIT ==

Just found a video on a security app

Seems interesting but is the security app itself safe? hehe

Although it seems you need to download a more recent version that was translated from chinese by XDA Developers website users... should have stuck with my retro phone :)


== EDIT 2 ==

Interesting article on EFF regarding this issue

I think the best way to keep on top of smartphone security would be to google the apps you want to use and see what other people have found out about any privacy issues. Also it's worth having a look at it's network activity with a packet sniffer. Have a look for sensitive data being sent in plain text or connections to addresses you don't recognize.