Printer Recommendation

Hi Logan, Wendell, Qain, or Pistol.

Do you have an office printer or have a dedicated printer for Tek Syndicate? Or do you have different printers that you've personally acquired and just kept using?

I'm a student looking for a printer with scanning functions and do not require high fidelity printers for photos. Just looking for something with low cost per print.

I understand that most printers are low entry and high ink cost. I currently have an HP that falls underneath that and find that buying a new printer during sales is more economical because of the included cartridges. 

Hopefully under < $150, if you don't have a recommendation under the limit I'd still like to hear your thoughts. As I do believe in buying once and keeping forever.

Thanks for your time.

Personally this is probably my favorite at the moment.   I have a MX432 and I REALLY like it.  Prints really good photos too, considering it was $40.

I have an older Samsung (black & white) laser printer and a dedicated scanner. I rarely scan so I just put the scanner away and save some room. Of all the people I know who have the printer/scanner/fax combo they always have issues with them.

The other thing is the ink/toner cost. Upfront toner is more expensive (around $100) but in my experience it lasts way longer and it doesn't dry up like ink. My last toner lasted me almost three years. I haven't checked what is the current cost of ink but I will be surprised if it lasts more than 3 or 4 months once you open it.

Hope that helps.