Price vs Performance list

Does any support this list?



If it's accurate would be a nice sticky as a cpu guideline for people to look at! :)

I'd take it with a grain of salt, as it's based on user submissions of one synthetic benchmark.

Does that go for both lists?

Yes; the other site uses for their performance numbers (and newegg for prices).

Best price to performance CPU will be the FX8350. i think thats all what´s need to be said. ☺

Actually, I've said this before, but the FX-8350 is not that cheap to run, because you need a quite expensive motherboard to overclock it because of the high power requirements and high TDP, and you need a pretty expensive CPU cooler to overclock it. An FX-8300 (OEM only) or FX-8320 can beat the FX-8350 in P/P.

The king of P/P in CPU's is the FX-6300, runs on even the cheapest mobo without issues, doesn't get that hot and can handle a decent overclock on the stock cooler even, or a decent overclock and no noise on a cheap aftermarket CPU cooler, and it performs really well.

Locked multiplier Intel Core chips and H77/H87/B75/B87 chipset mobos of the generic range, are just as good a deal, they offer the same performance as the overclocked AMD CPU counterparts, don't require extra investment in an expensive mobo or aftermarket cooler (although that is debatable with the Haswell chips, because they get really hot and lose a lot of performance in autothrottling, which is triggered very easily and there is no way to shut it off).

In the medium price range, whether AMD or Intel, the P/P ratio is almost always the same. Generally, the P/P ratio for 1150/1155 CPUs in the upper price range is really bad, with the most important features missing or blocked, and problematic mobos that deliver hours of BSOD fun etc...

For gamers that like a bit of a bling system, I would also advise AMD FX-8350 though, because it's full featured and still reasonable in terms of cost. On the Intel side, enthusiasts should immediately go for a socket 2011 system imo, those are also full featured, and are not based on Haswell, but only support CPUs that can still deliver sustained maximum performance, unlike Haswell. But in comparison with a bling AMD solution, an Intel 2011 solution will be more expensive (but will also deliver more performance).