Price Hikes. Oh My!

What is the deal with the price hikes as of late? Especially of the GPU variety.

Speculation would dictate this may be a last ditch attempt to unload current hardware in order to maximize profits before the rumored 390x and 980ti come out, but for shame.

Would anyone care to share some insight they may have?

I have not seen that large of a price hike recently.

Any specific cards you were looking at?

A lot of the 290x's went back up in price ($329 -> $389) while the 970s stayed at their original price ($330-$380) due to the 3.5GB RAM scandal.

So Nvidia hasn't budged, while AMD did drop their prices but people started buying the 290 & 290x in mass so it drove up the value of the cards back up towards the prior price.

I live in Europe and prices of pretty much all the PC parts have increased due to the falling euro. That's mostly because of Greece national debt and the Ukrainian crisis. And now this? Wonderful. If this trend continues I'll never be able to build a PC to play The Witcher 3 on.
Right now the euro is at the lowest since 2003, at $1.10 compared to the dollar. It used to be $1.40 this time last year IIRC.

Yes unfortunatly, i live in the Netherlands, and i was planning to upgrade my rig, unfortunatly the 5820k went from a €350,- launch price, all the way up to €410,- right now, its just rediculous.

I was finding 290x vapor-x's for less than 330$. Now even the 280x's have gone up.

This is definitely in response to demand, sure, but its also a reaponse to rumors and uncertainty.

They won't claim me! We'll see how the market looks after these rumored cards drop. Ah ha ha ha (Mandark laugh).