Price check

HD 7970 Asus CU derict II with 100 hours of game play never been overclocked. Shipped in oringal box, amd dvi, and plastic covering.




what ?

You selling ? Then buy/sell/trade forum.

Looking to buy ? same thing .

Checking price may sell for gtx 780ti

about around 200-300$ Still you could get Matrix card there... I would only care if card was registered yet if not then its like new one, if you have problems with it just RMA it and you;ll get a new card.

No issues it's mint. Ok I'll shoot for $250. Ill post both of them and aim towards a 780ti

Currently its bad time to sell anything on ebay a lot of schoolboys are going to sell cheap their stuff to buy textbooks for next year. So you might not be able to fetch good price.


Rumor states the gtx 880 will lower the price of the gtx 780ti. I'm going to purchase newegg 780 refurbished for 500 each call it good. Sli 780 ti will give me life time 1440p gaming. No more oven and fps spikes.

Or may just sell now and wait one now and wait till the 880 comes out and just take the hit on the 2nd 7970.

when 880 comes up it'll be priced at 700+ ... forget about same price as 780... unless 880 will be just better clocked 780 then its a waste of many anyway. Who needs reheated potatoes.

Logan states it maybe cheaper. Either way it should drop the price of the 780 but at the same time the resall to the 7970.

The Cf 7970 work fine other then the room getting warm after a series of game play and lowering the graphics from ultra in 1440p.