A little doom and gloom foreshadowing but the game has a demo only for consoles and I haven't heard of anyone seeing gameplay that was run on a PC. Preordering as usual is a bad bet.

You're implying i'm going to pay for a single player game. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Why would you pay for a game where you have to interact with the idiots you're trying to get away from by playing a game?


WorthABuy on YT has posted a sort a preview of some PC footage but not him, Green Light Gaming captured it. He's extremely critical of hand holding modern FPS so I'd trust his review when it's out.

would guess implying the usual, multi player games actually have (in some cases) a required service involved to be able to do multiplayer or atleast do multi player easily and with compatibility for people that may have legit copies. where with single player games you basically lose nothing if you dont have a legitimate copy usually.

but since its the studio that made dishonored 2, wouldnt expect too much lol

Agreed. While the setting for the game doesn't necessarily appeal to me, I agree very much with his general stance concerning what makes good gameplay. Not touching the game before his review, but maybe later if the gameplay is that good.

(the wankier alien parts of Half Life dragged down the games a bit for me.)

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Valve is supposed to have 3 titles announced this year. I'm saving my money.

Looks good but I am cautious these days and will wait for user reviews to drop.

Bought too many turkeys this year, not again.

Bethesda and their idiotic review embargos

He seems to think this is going to be the next half life. He has not played it just watched it like you mentioned in your post. Naturally, I'm skeptical however that fat guy looked like gaben :3

Video related, it's gaben in Prey

I'm downloading the demo right now on my PS4 then when the game comes out I will play the same part and let y'all know the difference.

I have very strict criterias for buying space games.

1- No magical artificial gravity (it's not live-action, so there is no excuse for it)

which implies :

2- Spacecraft must have a believable practical layout. Decks should be arranged perpendicular to the main thrust vector, not parallel to it (or else the crew falls to their death, pancaked on the back wall). Space stations not under thrust should either tolerate the existence of freefall or rotate to simulate gravity with centrifugal force.

I mean, I write amateur hard sci-fi in my spare time, I'm not going to play even shittier sci-fi than the stuff I write.

If it ticks those boxes, I'll probably add it to my backlog and play it a year or two after release.

Who knows how they will create artificial gravity though? From what I understand there are a few possibilities and I'm not sure the game will explain it? Also it's hard to judge if what you write would be shittier or not because it's subjective.

well the older one fails those so..

reboot of that lel

So Prey on pc will be available at 12EDT. The developers have said it's not a port to pc and you get a free 2 hr demo via the steam refund policy. Their is a review up for the PS4 version now.

Anyone played it?

I just messed around in the intro so far. Not bad. I maxed out what few settings I can adjust and am getting 60fps at 1440p on my 980. I can also get 30 fps at 4K maxed out. The story seems pretty cool so far but I'm only one hr in.

I'm enjoying it, I like the jiggly space spiders and have had a few legitimate freak outs when a random trash can suddenly jumps on my face. I've played about 4 hours or so.

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Game rocks, even on normal I am getting my arse stomped.

Could be because I am using a controller though. Going to try switching to kbm to see if it makes the game easier.

"Fuck chairs. Fuck coffee cups. Fuck lamps. Fuck garbage bins."

"Hey, look, medpaOHSHIghbftrgkzbhsdfff...
Eat a dick, game."

So far, I love this game.

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