Pretty sure its a bad mobo

Just got a whole new build (first full one ive done) and while getting everything ready noticed a small scratch by on of the cpu Cooler Mounting holes, decided to go along anyway and once i had everything together the computer wouldnt start, it would just flash on for 2 seconds then turn off, not even the debug LED on my Gigabyte 7ZZX-UD3H was lighting up for more the a second

 i tried stripping it down to nothing and eveything in the book, even tested my Psu (Seasonic M12II 750Watt) on my old Cpu and Mobo which requires even more power than the 3570k and Mobo i have, so i think that maybe to mobo is bad, and am wondering if anyone else might be able to give me some sort of answer as to why its doing this ?

Im going to go and see if NCIX will Replace my board, but im also worried, could my Cpu have also bit the dust if the board was bad and ill need to replace that to (i might have to anyways as it was a bundle deal)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hmmm the two second power off sounds PSU but since you tested it.. i doubt its the CPU as CPU problems are rare..

So ya Mobo is most likely the culprit NCIX should be okay with you returning it.


Sorry i couldn't be more help =/

Why not just RMA both the parts?

couyld be ram....