Presentations For Those Interested in Advancing Their Knowledge in IT

I've been working on some presentations related to Information Technology, more as a hobby, to make sure that I understand the material and might have a couple to share.

Usage Disclaimer:
Most are “very involved” presentations, NOT light reading, and not stuff I'd usually recommend to read. More like a supplement for people already familiar with techy stuff like Twit podcasts or are at least A+ certified.

If “Apache” means “native-American tribe” these are not for you.
If “Apache” means “well better than IIS I guess” these are for you.
If “IIS” is a terrorist group, these are not for you.

Release Notes:
1) Not meant to be self-accessible but rather go along with me talking about the slide (read: each slide is incomplete by-design) More Q&A interactive style really
2) despite the incorrect format they might be helpful to anyone interested in getting very “down and dirty” with all the technology stuff
3) Some information is out of date or incorrect, especially some specific info about passwords in my Part 2 of cloud security presentation
4) Presentations are meant to be technically accurate but may not be and are never (meant to be) “academia” accurate. UML is icky and spellzings is hard after all
5) Your mileage may vary and possibly lead to facepalms.
6) Tend to be 90% done since that's the point where I just loose interest and move on to another project.
7) Lots of slides/parts are “stubs” or just old and need refractoring or more pictures or w/e
8) I do maybe regularly update some of them sometimes, or maybe not
9) None of them are ever "done" or "finished". I just keep adding to/modifying them whenever
10) Cats are adorable.
11) Links may go down for any reason, at any time, with no assurance of coming back up, either now or in the future

1) Feel free to post, "plz finish presentation X" requests~ otherwise I don't know which to prioritize
2) If you know where a picture is from, feel free to link it so I can give them credit, esp the older ones.
3) comment that slide #5 on presentation whatever implies X which is technically inaccurate/confusing/too much info/not enough cat pictures or w/e and needs re-doing
4) request features/slides (all of which I may or may not ignore)
5) delete/lock/sticky/burn with fire this topic (if a mod) or otherwise ban me (if a mod)
6) feel free request any additional material like presentation/implementation notes. Not always posted by default
7) Also: I'm not interested in writing narrative scripts or making videos of the slides cuz hearing myself talking is annoying.

1) feel free copy/redistribute/modify/create derivative works, burn them with digital fire etc with or without attribution, All I ask is that you don't claim you wrote them yourself

Understanding Systems Design: The Architectural Stack Method
Description: Fundamental presentation in moving “A+ techs” from “bad tech” to “IT Pro” level. This is why It's the first one on the list. Very long and very “involved”. But it's 10 years worth and a bachelors degree worth of information in a ppt, so what do you expect o.o' Wrote this for a friend of mine actually.
prereq: A+ cert or at least knowing "what a hard drive is"
Google Doc Publishing Link:
Usage: might want to click on the little gear icon and “open speakers notes”, and grab a drink

On the Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
Description: A small presentation for a class. Covers basic Cloud Computing concepts, and also Xen is involved in the demo
PDF Link:

Creating A Scalable Storage Architecture
Description: A small presentation for a class. It focuses on the reasons for redundancy and how to implement one with Xen using NFS on CentOS. There's an implementation guide that goes with it, post requests if wanted.
PDF Link:
Implementation Guide:

Cloud Integration and Security: Part 1 Integrating Local Systems With Cloud Services
Description: Part 1 of 3 Lots of pretty pictures and some videos but very old
Google Doc Publishing Link:

Cloud Integration and Security: Part 2 On the fundamentals of security
Description: Part 2 or 3 very old. How I look at security has changed a lot recently, so I need to go back and update how I want to present the information again. Desperately needs updating and I will when I get bored enough (or get requests).
Google Doc Publishing Link:
prereq: part 1 of 3

Cloud Integration and Security: Part 3 The Joys of Cryptography
Description: Stand alone actually. Not really part 3. very old, and very involved and I need to get around to updating the asymetic crypto part, but not sure how to present that info since it's kinda complicated and it was hard enough to present symmetric ciphers in a "clearish" way
Google Doc Publishing Link:
prereq: none

On Making Practical Guidelines to Combat Malware
Description: Securing Systems Against Untargeted Attacks. First part is done-ish but the second part is largely unfinished
Prereq: maybe sys design to understand the reccomendations
Google Doc Publishing Link:

Introduction to Networks
Description: Currently just an outline. This is meant to be a non-introduction to networks that I need to get around to working on. I think the idea should be to discuss networking concepts in terms of networking stacks and to delv into the typical internetwork and transport layer protocols and maybe cover some basic usuage scenarios.
Prereq: Understanding Systems Design
Google Doc Publishing Link:
Usage: Digital Paperweight

Description: Everything you never wanted to know and wish you didn't know about WiFi: the full stack. From photon probability curves, to encoding/decoding, to regulatory guidlines and to enterprise grade WiFi solutions from various vendors.
Prereq: Intro to Networking and understanding of quantum physics
Google Doc Publishing Link:

Windows Deployment: An Overview
Description: Goes into the system lifecycle and into detail on the first two aspects of it. I need to get around to updating the first part (convert the information into pretty picture format) but became side-tracked.
Google Doc Publishing Link:
Usage: The gear icon thing.


Wow thank you, lots of good looking presentations here. I'll take a look at them!

Update: Added "On Making Practical Guidelines to Combat Malware" presentation