Premiere/AME ruining colors?

Maybe this isn't the right place to ask, but this is one of the only forums I frequent so I figured I'd ask.

I'm trying to use a video with a white background in Premiere. I want to shift it over to the left a little, and fill in the resulting empty space with more white matte. So basically create a shift to the left where the viewer can't tell the original video was shifted to the left.

I created a solid matte in Premiere and it works great, the line where they intersect is totally invisible. But when I export it using any kind of H264, weird stuff happens. Windows Media Player will play it fine, and all the colors are right. But VLC and YouTube both get the colors wrong; the matte is a little more yellow tinted than it should be and it makes the it super obvious that there's a matte there.

TLDR: Premiere messing up white colors whenever I export with H264; wtf?

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probably because there is still color on the white part of the video.

Most likely you can't see the difference when editing it becuase the monitor isn't sensative enough to notice it. But somehow vlc and youtube can pick it up and amplify the error.

You'll have to either bump up the white on the video till it matches the background better , or , make your false white background a blank still from the video if you dont want to alter the videos colors in any way.

Be sure to edit the video on more that one monitor , it helps show mistakes that other people might see and you could miss.

or just export it as mov or avi or something else and see if it just goes away by itself.

I have 3 monitors, the effect is the same on all of them (they're different monitors from different companies).

The weird thing is the color should be fixed, I actually used the color picker in Premiere to make sure the matte is precisely the right color of white.

try just using another layer under the video that is the same color instead of a matte. I literally sometimes just make a solid color bmp in ms paint and put that behind the video.

And by "use different monitors" I mean edit it on those monitors too. make sure that the edit window looks the same on all of them.

although i think your issue has to do with the project exporting strangely. so I'd change the way the effect is done and try that simple bmp layer under the video

I'll try that Monday (I only have Premiere at school), thanks

I did that. 3 monitors, two are the same. I moved Premiere's preview window across all 3, and I moved my head around an absurd amount just to see if it was viewing angle/monitor settings, or more subtle in Premiere or something. Also did this will VLC and WMP.

I think you're right though, it seems like Premiere is being stupid when it renders the "color matte" object (all the other colors seem right). I'll try the Paint thing and get back to you.

I just recently made a title card for a video.

and it would refuse to render , simple said "error"

I moved the title text to another layer and then it worked perfectly fine. Somtimes you just gotta fudge with premiere to make the renders work