Pre ordered ROTT want go play online?


New to the forums here but have pre ordered ROTT on steam and if anyone wants to play against me add me on steam jameswhite1979 as be fun to play some people from this forum.





Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Hi, Thank you for the warm welcome only been posting for a few weeks but its a great place

I have ROTT in my cart, I'll probably buy it when I buy my fittings and sell my PSU tonight :)

Cool - Well if you get time add me on steam as it if like the old ROTT far more fun knowing people you are playing against/with

I still have to order it but i will soon, eventually. And welcome to the forums.

Edit: Oh and my forum name is my steam name.

It's in my cart on Steam like Brennanriddell, it will probably be one of my only purchases during the steam summer sale.

Also: My steam name is Jetixguy