Pre-load Boarderlands 2 on Steam now!

This is really for those who pre-purchased Boarderlands 2 on Steam. I just found out not even 2 hours ago you are able to pre-load Boarderlands 2 starting tonight so if you bought it on Steam and want to play starting midnight your time, well you better start installing that shit. I don't know about you guys but I plan on playing that all night tomorrow. Also I'm new to the forums here and may want to get involved in reviews of possibly games so you may be able to expect a Boarderlands 2 review from me which probably doesn't mean much to anyone because my work isn't known whatsoever here. But getting back to the point, pre-load Boarderlands 2 for god sake, save yourself the trouble and be able to play the most anticipated game of the year (at least for me it is) as soon as possible.



My body is ready.

As is mine.

Also I've seen a lot of confusion about the steam unclocker, meaning will you be able to play at midnight in my state or will I have to wait until PST? Steam in the past has said that you will be able to play at midnight no matter if you are in EST or PST but have had a pretty bad track recorded of not being able to keep  that word. But according to a lot of sources Steam has got their shit together and you will in fact be able to play at midnight.


In short, yes you can play at midnight no matter what time zone you are in.