PowerShell Resources

PowerShell, its great so far. Pretty new to the more deeper details of it though.

This site from microsoft consistently comes up when i search for how to do things

Anyone have any other places which are good resources for learning powershell (specifically from an admin/security perspective)


I always return to the books by Don Jones.

From a security perspective you might find this helpful:


I bought the PowerShell in a month of lunches book but due to studying other things I haven’t got around to reading it yet.

When I was using PowerShell I watched quite a few videos from
Signal Warrant and Shane Young on Youtube.


These books are a must to become grounded in the fundamentals and move beyond basic/beginner usage. You can go fairly intermediate with the language in about six months.

I’ve heard great things about PowerShell Cookbook, but I’ve never read it.


Two things:

  • It’s dated
  • It’s meant for a template, not an instruction manual

If you do anything with SQL Server, dbatools is a fantastic PowerShell integration for that stack.


whats the different between the two lunches? Would you suggest an order?

PowerShell in a Month of Lunches goes from “This is PowerShell” to “Here’s how to use it in a production environment.” PowerShell Scripting goes from “So you can do day to day sysadmin with PowerShell but why not automate your entire platform and implement version control? Keep reading to learn more!” – It goes into building modules, importing them into other scripts, version control, using PowerShell with SQL Server, writing automated tests for PowerShell, things like that.

The difference at a high level is it’s more dev focused, but you still learn a lot about PowerShell. The first book is how to check on servers and processes, more or less. The last shows you how to automate and test the previous book.


Excellent that’s what i needed to know

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