Powerline vs WiFi and some Netstat Questions


So my router is in my roommates room and she is a stickler about keeping it in there.

Problem is, she has one device plugged into it. The WiFi doesn't reach the rest of the house. I'm planning on getting a WiFi adapter to use it with my computer and then using my computer as its own access point like I've had to do in the past.

Then a thought occurred to me... Would a powerline adapter be better? I game a lot and I would need as little of latency as possible. I could use powerline on my computer am use a WiFi card in my computer and make my own access point from there. Would this be faster than wireless?

I considered buying a new router as my own but my financial situation wouldn't allow it.


Whether powerline or wifi will perform better depends on your surroundings since both are prone to interference; while wifi depends on signal strength & wireless traffic, powerline performance is determined - apart from quality of the adapter, also by signal strength and wave quality of the electricity...

But if you live in a small to medium apartment then a powerline adapter should work perfectly fine for gaming if the distance from socket1->fusebox->socket2 doesn't exceed 40m/y and there's not 20 poweradapters connected to the sockets behind a common fuse.

I have used powerline adapters in several situations. They are much better than wifi but nowhere near as good as a proper network cable. For general network use, connecting to the internet for gaming or browsing then a powerline adapter is great. However if you want to move files around your network they can become problematic. Heavy, sustained transfers can become very slow, say moving a very large file from one PC to another. So it's a mixed bag depending on what you want to do.