Powerline or Wireless AC setup?

Hello all, Lately I've been uphappy with my internet speed, and not from the service provider (yet). The modem and router are set-up downstairs in a laundry room and I'm getting maybe 600kbs for downloads. Most of the time when I download a game I let my computer run all night/day to download it. 

Well I'm fed up and looking to upgrade as this is completely unacceptable for a 4770k/780 build. I'm currently using the Asus Wifi card on their motherboards. I was set on buying an Asus 5.0ghz 1300Mbs AC router as an upgrade for my current walmart linksys router and then further down the line buy the $100 AC pci-e card. 

Now today Newegg releases a video on the ZyXEL 600Mbs powerline AV2 and it almost completely changed my mind. This route would be cheaper and more "stable" but only "maxing" out at 600Mbs. Granted I know none of these numbers are actually real just bear with me. I'm just not so sure about the powerline idea with reviews about interference. I also feel this option would be more bulky, if you know what I mean. More outlets taken up and cords running.

Can someone please help me?

asus makes excellent routers. i'm using a cheaper asus wifi router at home, and lemme tell you, I was quite surprised at all the features the router has... like using a usb hard drive as a NAS... and being able to set up remote FTP access with a free domain (it's a subdomain of some asus domain, but stil...). the only thing I feel it's missing is TKIP for WPA2 encryption...

in any case, it's a helluva lot better than our previous linksys non-wireless router. endless problems with the linksys...

That's good to hear but that's also what is the most troubling. As far as signal degradation is it comparable to wifi?

That too I feel as if my Linksys drops connection much more frequent than it has.