Powerline Adapter

Hi everyone, getting ready to move my computer to my room and need a way to get the internet up there. I never got a wireless compatible motherboard because I knew that wireless was slow and didn't see the point in spending extra money for it. I did however consider this method, sending the internet through the power cables. I am however stuck now as to which one of them to get. I'm trying to spend as little as possible and these are the two I found. 

Netgear XETB1001 - £20

TP Link TL-POE200 - £17

I couldn't decide which one was best and was hoping that you could.

Here is my internet speeds for reference:


 Thanks for any help that you can give!

Nobody any advice? ...

i think you mean to be looking at powerline adaptors rather than PoE


also if you're router only has 100Mbps ethernet, there's no point in getting anything higher than 200Mbps

Yes, thats the sort of thing I'm looking for, I thought those things I have linked are the exact same? If not then what is the difference?

And yeah, I was thinking about how high it could go to, I didn't see the point in paying for one that can cope with higher internet speeds when mine doesn't go that high. 

No they're not the same, the first is a powerline adapter. Allowing you to use existing household electrical wiring to be used to transmit data.

The second is a PoE device (Power Over Ethernet) which allows you to send power down an ethernet cable on the un-used wires when transmiting at 10-Base/100-Base speeds. PoE devices allow you to run power to a device when there are no power outlets within reach.

There is absolutley no point in getting anything fast (even though powerline is not that fast anyway) a Device capable of 100-Base would be fine.

I would use the netgear one, as I do personally find there equipment to be very good and long lasting. Unlike other companies. *cough* tp-link *cough*

Okay, so the Netgear one I originally linked is the one I should get to get my internet to a different place? Or are you just saying to get a Netgear one rather than a TP-Link? I'm a bit confused haha

the netgear one is fine. the tplink one you listed is a different product, and not the one you're looking for

Okay, thank you. Thats brilliant. Thanks for all your help. Brilliant stuff as usual!