Power supply worries

Hey guys, 

Just looking for some feedback on whether or not you think that my current PSU will be sufficient enough to run two 7970s in crossfire.

Keep in mind I haven't bought my GPU yet but that was my first decision.


i7 4770k (stock clock, will overclock in the future)

Xigmatek Dark Knight night hawk

2x4gb corsair vengeance pro ram 1600 mhz (will also OC)

Msi z87 g45

Silverstone 750w Gold 80+ PSU

Samsung 120gb ssd

Random Optical drive

1tb green HDD


I have a 120Hz monitor and that is the reason I would like to xfire. I am not against going over to the green team either.

And I would rather not go all out and buy a gtx 780 though, I would like to keep the card between $300-$550 dollars. I am in Australia BTW


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 


The 750 watt should be more than enough to power 7970's crossfired.

Its good that you have a haswell processor so that will also help you have more headroom for the Xfire 7970's.

Ok cool. That is good to know. It was also one of my deciding factors in getting the haswell was the lower Power states.