Power Supply burning smell

So I was just using my computer and ran AIDA 64 stressing both CPU and GPU and decided to give a wiff of my computer too see if anything was slightly off. So during the load I noticed a burning smell from the power supply while checking my pc I was sniffing it from the back and it was pretty obvious, then turning off the stress test the smell was still there but less obvious and yes the fan is spinning and creating some air. I had the power supply for about a week.

Specs of my PC:
Intel 1231v3
8gb Kingston HyperX blu CL9 2x4gb sticks
Asus H81M-E
R9 270X
Silverstone Strider Plus 600W Fully Modular Power Supply SST-ST60F-PB
Coolermaster Hyper 212 with two NZXT Fans one running off molex and one running off PWM.
Cougar Spike with the fan as well.

Should I RMA it soon as possible or is it just normal.

to determine whether or not the smell is normal, how old is the power supply? every power supply I've ever owned has had a burning smell under load within the first week of use then it goes away.

refresh the topic i added in some more info.

From what I can see that PSU is only 80+Bronze. It's entirely possible that something isn't lined up inside, getting too hot, etc. I would start a ticket with Silverstone and ask them what you should do. Also include that if they don't RMA the PSU and it blows your whole system, are they going to cover you???

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